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Based on more than 10 years of research and development, Patanjali Ruchi soya family has introduced India’s most certified, organic, natural and bio-fermented nutraceutical products which are safe alternative to the chemical and animal-based nutraceuticals available in the market.

Today’s hectic life style, poor eating habits, Intake of medicines made from chemicals and animal based nutraceuticals causes many side effects in our body, these challenges are leading to various lifestyle disorders, We can avoid these challenges by adopting natural and vegetarian products. “Balanced, Natural & Healthy Nutrition” is the need of hour. Nutrela Nutraceutical products are India’s most certified, unique, safe, effective, scientifically formulated result oriented formulations.

Nutrela Vitamin D is prepared from Lichen starch Extract, Vitamin B12 from Corn Extract, B Complex (Daily Energy) from Organic Moringa and Spirulina, Calcium (Bone Health) from Moti Pishti, Lichen and Muktashukti Bhasm, Iron (Iron Complex) from Mandoor Bhasm, Vitamins and Zinc from Rosehips (Rose), Omega from Organic Flaxseed (Flaxseed) and similarly Proteins from Cow’s Milk and Collagen from Sesame, Carrot, Ginseng and Ashtavargadi. Source of all products are natural and impeccable.

All the Nutrela Nutraceuticals products are natural and vegetarian

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