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Patanjali Nutrela Collagenprash, 400 Gm


Product Details and Information about Patanjali Nutrela veg Collagen prash

India’s 1st Vegetarian collagen builder in Prash form. An Advanced anti-ageing Skin Superfood enriched with Rosehip sesbania, blueberry and moringa extract, vitamin c and biofermented hyaluronic acid.

6 in 1 Support
Skin Moisture
Hair & nail health
Skin Elasticity
Reduces Wrinkles
Younger Skin
UV Spots Reduction

Collagen (Anti – Ageing protein) is the most abundant protein and responsible for our youthfulness, however after the age of 25 years, a gradual decline (around 1%) in collagen production in the skin every year, which leads the noticeable changes like skin wrinkles, agespot, loss of elasticity, laxity, and rough-textured.

Scentific research from the last 2 decades has conclusively proven that what you consume has a bigger impact on the skin youthfulness than what you put on top. While Keeping these scientific facts in our mind, 1st time patanjali and ruchi soya brought PATANJALI NUTRELA COLLAGENPRASH-SKIN SUPERFOOD, enrcihed with Nano-Glutathione, bio-fermented Hyaluronic acid, Sesame Collagen Peptide, Collagen amino acid blend and many More botanical extracts. The Biological Activities of all the activities were analysed on human fibroblast cells, which shown significant increase in collagen synthesis from within and also slow down the breakdown of naturally occuring collagen through inhibition of collagenase enzymes.

Ingredients :
Tila (Sesamum indicum) seed Powder,
Amino Acid Blend 7% (glycine, L-Arginine, L-Lysine),
Rose Hips extract,
Aloe vera Extract,
Gajar (Daucus Carota) Powder,
Badam ( Prunus amygdalus) Jernel Powder,
Tila (Sesamum indicum) oil
Pumpkin Seed Powder,
Agathi (Sesbania grandiflora) flower extract,
Natural Identical flavouring substances,
Flaxseed Powder,
Cranberry Extract,
Sodium hyaluronate,
Moringa leaf extract,
Blueberry Extract,
green tea extract,
Sitawar Powder.

Allergen Inforamtion : Contain Tree Nuts (Almond)

Recommended Dosage : One Full Spoon (Approx 15 grams), Twice in a day.

Serving Per Pack : 26
Serving Size 15gm (Twice a day)

Nutrients Per            100Gm           Per 30Gm
Energy(kcal)              378.74            113.62(5.68%)
Protein (G)                12.02               3.61
Carbohydrate(g)       54.54              16.36
Natural Sugars          12.75               3.86
Added Sugar              0                      0
Total fat                      12.5                  3.75(5.59%)
Saturated Fat             2.37                 0.71(3.23%)
Trans fat                     0                      0.00(0%)
Cholesterol                 0                      0
Sodium (mg)              51.05               15.32(0.76%)
Vitamin C(mg)          133.33              40(100%)
Vitamin R(mg)          33                     9.90(100%)
Vitamin B7(mcg)      100                   30.00(100%)

Botanical Extracts
Nutrients                          Per 100 gm      Per 30 gm
Sesbenia Extracts(mg)   750                    225
Rosechip(mg)                  3000                 900
Glutahione(mg)              1500                  450
Hyaluronic Acid (mg)    200                    60

Weight 1050 g
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