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DR. Jain’s Lemon Oil, 10 ml

Sprains, Back Ache, Body Ache and Bronic Joints Pain.


Product Details And Information About DR. Jain’s Lemon Oil, 10 ml

Dr. Jain’s LemonGrass Essential Oil can be Massage for Sprains, Back Ache, Body Ache and Bronic Joints Pain.

  • Skin : Slightly irritant but if suits are very good for oily skin, astringent, stretch mark, acne, closed skin pores- in massage (oil, gels), compress, in steam.
  • Cold, cough, flu, sore throat, headache : by inhalation of steam.
  • Sports Injury, Torn Ligament, Broken Capillaries : compress
  • Females : PMT, Menopause, Irritability
  • Mind : Relieves shock, grief, trauma, depression, stress gives a feeling of freshness and well being – bath, vaporizer massage.
  • Insect Replant
  • Room Freshening : vaporizer, cleaning floor, in spray.


As A directed By Physician

Weight 30 g
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