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Baidyanath Sunidra, 60 Tab

Baidyanath Sunidra Tablet include helping you get a night of sound sleep and relieving the problems occurring due to disturbed sleep like headache, irritation, fatigue and reduce snoring.


Product Details And Information about Baidyanath Sunidra, 60 Tab

Baidyanath Sunidra Tablets calm the mind by interfering with brain chemicals (GABA) that communicate information between nerve cells in the brain. These sleep prompting tablets provide sedative and sleep-enhancing properties. The tablets restore circadian rhythm and maintain daytime freshness. Baidyanath Sunidra Tablets composition makes it a safe choice in case of stress-related conditions that result in sleeplessness, anxiety and irritability.

Key Indregients:

  • Ajwain 40mg
  • Janamanis 40mg
  • Ashwagandha 80mg
  • Brahmi 20mg
  • Shankhapushpi 20 mg
  • Piplamool 20mg
  • Swarnamakshik Bhasma 300mg

How To Use :

  • Take 1-2 tablets before bed daily or as directed by your physician.
Weight 90 g
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