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Ashtang Vriddhi Vadhika Vati, 1200 Tab

Useful in All Types of Hernia, Hydrocele


Product details and information about Ashtang Vriddhi Vadhika Vati, 60 Tab 

Vridhivadhika Vati is herbal mineral formulation used in ayurveda for inguinal hernia, intestinal hernia, hydrocele, etc.

According to ayurveda, it mainly acts on VATA DOSHA.

It also reduces excess KAPHA.

Aggravation of VATA DOSHA is likely to play role in development of hernia and hydrocele.

Vridhivadhika Vati is useful in following health conditions:

  1. All Types of Hernia
  2. Hydrocele
Weight 1220 g


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