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Abhinav Dybenav, 60 Tab

help at various levels in Diabetes.


Product details and information about Abhinav Dybenav, 60 Tab

Diabetes Mellitus is a growing problem across the globe and even today management of this condition remains a challenge. Ayurveda explains Diabetes under the disease “Prameha” in deep details. Ayurveda essentially does not only target bringing the blood sugar down, but it aims at regulating the disease at its root.

Many herbs and herbal formulations have been described in Ayurveda that help at various levels in Diabetes. Dybenav Tablets is one such effective combination with the following actions:

  • Treats the Basic pathology of Diabetes
  • Stimulates Pancreatic cells to release insulin and helps in Pancreatic cell regeneration
  • Acts to sensitize insulin receptors to utilize glucose
  • Adjuvant therapy to Oral hypoglycemic and insulin therapy DYBENAV, a combination of proven Anti-Diabetic Herbs:
  • Jamun, Vijaysaar, Gudmar: Proven for their Hypoglycemic effect
  • Gudmar Reported for Pancreatic insulin cell regeneration
  • Methi : Hypoglycemic and Hypolipidemic (reduce cholesterol naturally)
  • Pippali : Proven Bio-availability enhancer, enhances product efficacy
Weight 100 g
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 cm
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