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Abhinav Castor Oil, 60 Ml

Castor oil is excellent in relieving Vata and Kapha disorders. It is also used in Panchakarma therapy.


Product details and information about Abhinav Castor Oil, 60 Ml

Apart from being a purgative Ayurveda properties of Castor oil are listed as follows :

  • SrotoVishodhana – cleanses body channels
  • Tvachya – improves skin qualities
  • Vrushya – aphrodisiac
  • Vayasthapana – anti aging, rejuvenative
  • Yoni Vishodhana – useful in cleansing vagina
  • ShukraVishodhana – useful in cleansing semen, to improve motility and to treat sperm defects.
  • Arogyakara – improves health
  • Medhakara, Smrutikara – improves intelligence and memory
  • Kantikara – improves skin glow
  • Balakara – improves immunity
  • AdhobhagaDoshahara – expels vitiated Doshas from lower part of the body (Virechna)
  • Deepana – improves digestion strength
  • Vishamajwara – useful in intermittent fever
  • prushtashoola, guhyashoola – useful in low backache
  • Vatodara – useful in gas, bloating
  • Gulma – abdominal tumor
  • Anaha – gaseous distension of abdomen
  • Ashtila – prostitis
  • Katigraha – low back stiffness
  • Vatashonita – gout
  • Vid bandha – constipation
  • Bradhna – prolapsed rectum
  • Shotha – swelling, inflammatory conditions
  • AmaVidradhi – initial stages of abscess, where pus is yet to be formed.
  • Amavata – rheumatoid arthritis

Castor oil called in Ayurveda as Erandatelassumes a very significant place in Ayurveda due to its multiple benefits. Amongst the oils, whi ch have a strong efficacy and faster action,Castol oil is considered to be one of the best. Castor oilis used both externally and internally in Ayurvedic treatment. Castor oil is excellent in relieving Vata and Kapha disorders. It is also used in Panchakarma therapy. Castor oil is best oil for purgation – Virechana Panchakarma treatment.It is hot in nature, has the capability to enter minute channels of the body.

Abhinav presents Castor oil in a very different way in which Castor oil (Erande Tel) is processed with herbs like Berberisaristata, Triphala that helps to make it free for any harmful effect and completely safe. This process is referred to as Murchana in Ayurveda and therefore the oil is called as MurchitErande tel.

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