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Abhinav Acidonav, 30 Tablets

Hyperacidity/Regurgitation/Acid Reflux Disorder
Heartburn/Retrosternal Burning
Gaseous Distension (Flatulence)
Indigestion/Poor Appetite


Product Details and Description of Abhinav Acidonav

ACIDONAV Tablets and Suspension is a unique combination of herbs and mineral compounds having a dual action of reducing acidity and improving digestion. The combination of these act as Pittashamak, Paachak, Vata-anuloman and Mrudurechak properties that help in complete resolution and long term relief from distressing problems of acidity, acid reflux disorder, indigestion, flatulence etc. The ulcer healing effects of these herbal and mineral ingredients help in the management of peptic and gastric ulcers.


Sr. No Botanical name Latin Name Quantity
1 Kapardik Bhasma Generic Preparation 75 mg
2 Shanka Bhasma Generic Preparation 75 mg
3 Mukta Sukti Bhasma Generic Preparation 25 mg
4 Guduchi Satva Tinospora cordifolia 25 mg
5 Yashtimadhu Ext Glycyrrhiza glabra 25 mg
6 Bhringraj Ext Eclipta alba 25 mg
7 Amla Ext Emblica officinalis 25 mg
8 Saunf Pdr Foeniculum vulgare 25 mg
9 Sh. Gairik Generic Preparation 50 mg
10 Nishotha Operculina turpenthum  50 mg
11 Sunthi  Zingiber officinale  10 mg



Sr. No Botanical name Latin Name Quantity
1 Kapardik Bhasma Generic preparation 500 mg
2 MuktaSukti Bhasma Generic Preparation 50 mg
3 Guduchi Satva Tinospora cordifolia 25 mg
4 Khatika Calcium carbonate 500 mg
5 Yashtimadhu ext Glycyrrhiza glabra  25 mg
6 Bhringraj Ext Eclipta alba 25 mg
7 Amla Emblica officinalis 25mg
8 Saunf Foeniculum vulgare 20 mg


  • Kapardik, Shanka, Mukta Sukti and Kapardik are very effective Pitta Shamak compounds mentioned in Ayurveda. The special processes involved in making these formulations make them quick/fast acting. These help to relieve burning sensation in the stomach, heartburn, acid reflux commonly called as Hyperacidity.


  • Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Bhringraj (Eclipta alba), Guduchi Satva (Tinospora cordifolia) and Amla (Emblica officinalis) effectively reduce acid and pepsin content in the stomach. At the same time, it increases the mucin, cellular mucus and life span of gastric mucosal cells, which helps in healing stomach ulcers. As an antioxidant, these ingredients protect the gastric mucosa from oxidative damage.


  • Provides quick and effective relief from symptoms like heartburn, Epigastric Burning, Gaseous distension
  • Long Lasting relief from acidity and Gaseous distension
  • Improves overall digestion and appetite
  • Effective & natural
Weight 40 g
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