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Abbasi’s Rechak Pachak Churan, 100 Gm

Constipation, Gas & Acidity


Product details and information about Abbasi’s Rechak Pachak Churan, 100 Gm

Rechak Pachak Churna provides laxative effect with Midhiyaval, Himej,Sanchal and Jethimadh. Prevents disturbing gas formulation and flatulence with Suva dana, Variyali andAjmo. Improves digestion and absorption with Variyali, Ajmo and Suva dana. Also preventsindigestion and constipation related hyperacidity with Jethimadh.

Useful in :

– Habitual constipation

– Constipation due to sedentary life style

– Constipation in bed-ridden patients

– Constipation in cardiac patients

– Constipation in diabetic patients

– Drug-induced constipation

Dosage:- 2 to 10 gm at bedtime with warm water.

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 cm
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