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DR. Jain’s Rose Oil, 10 ml

itching in psoriasis, eczema, for crack skin, dry skin, pimples, toning for wrinkles


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Product Details And Information About DR. Jain’s Rose Oil, 10 ml

1) For skin- moisturizing, soothing, nutrition, dry skin to relieve itching in psoriasis, eczema, for crack skin, dry skin, pimples, toning for wrinkles, cracked, nails- massage oil (or Aloe Vera / cucumber gel- Dr. jain’s) compress, mud pack.

2) Irregular periods, frigidity, less interest in sex, engorged breasts.

3) Insomnia, palpitations- vaporizer, massage, inhalation.

4) Tired eyes, redness, swelling, eye bags- eye compress.

5) Mind- depression, verves tension, irritability, shock, headaches. Use in headaches. Use in massage oil, bath, vaporizer.GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS ABOUT AROMATHERAPY OILSAromatherapy oils can be used by following methods.

  • Massage. Mix 10 to 30 drops of aromatherapy oil in base (til oil, corn oil etc.) and massage on affected part or give full body massage. Formula can be prepared by using Dr. jain’s Aloe Vera liquid, Aloe Vera Gel, Cucumber gel etc.
  •  Water method,
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