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DR. Jain’s Neem, 45 Gm

useful in skin diseases.


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Product Details And Information About DR. Jain’s Neem, 45 Gm

  1. Neem improves eye sight and corrects metabolism so useful in diabetes mellitus.
  2. useful in skin diseases.
  3. used as folk medicine to control leprosy, intestinal helminthiasis, respiratory disorders, constipation.
  4. Neem use for the treatment of rheumatism, chronic syphilitic sores and indolent ulcer has also been evident.
  5. Neem oil use to control various skin infections.
  6. Neem Bark, leaf, root, flower and fruit together cure blood morbidity, biliary afflictions, itching, skin ulcers, burning sensations and physicist.
  7. to be effective in bleeding gums and pyorrhea etc.
  8. Effective remedy for jaundice.
  9. Neem powder is very useful in skin diseases, different cancers and diseases related to impurities in blood.


Hindi Name Botanical Name Measure
Neem Azadirachta Indica 100%


Apply on face and wash off after 20 mins

Weight 100 g
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