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Ashtang Shatavari Ghanvati, 120 Tablets

Nourishment for women & men, relive PMS and menopausal symptoms, supports lactation


Product Details and Information About Ashtang Shatavari Ghanvati, 120 Tablets


  • Shatavari ghan (Asparagus racemosus) 250 mg

Uses and properties:

  • It balances vitiated Vaata and Pitta Dosha. It acts as tonic, improves memory function, relieves painful sensory impulses, vitalize body and is good for vision.
  • Relieves spasmodic pain, improves seminal function, nourishes fetus, improves galactogenesis, diuretic.
  • Weakness related to organs like brain is reduced therefore useful in conditions like epilepsy, syncope, and nervous system disorders.
  • Useful in hyperacidity, abdominal colic, mal-absorption syndrome and hemorrhoids.
  • Also used in conditions like seminal fluid deficiency, habitual abortion, menorrhagia, decreased breast milk and dysuria.
  • Have shown efficacy in emaciation caused in pulmonary tuberculosis.

Indications: Tonic, Dhatuvardhak, nutritional formulation.

Weight per tablet: 250 mg.

Dosage : 2 tablets thrice a day or as directed by Physician.

Weight 150 g
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